Hey there..  I'm Noelle.  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.  I am a photographer based out of Hoboken, NJ, truly inspired by ordinary life.  I believe everyone's so called ordinary is quite extraordinary.  All of our own lives offer unique beauty, pure and simple...and that is what I want to capture for you.  

This crazy life has blessed me with the best family and friends.  One guy calls me wife, two kids call me mom.  I also work with children with special needs in a nearby school district.  I love each of the hats I wear - wife and mommy in particular - and I adore photography!  

Growing up, I always knew that I had some sort of creative side, but I never really knew how to channel it.  Later, when I was introduced to photography I knew I had found my thing.   Starting out as a hobbyist, I took a few courses and workshops here and there and captured most every moment of my young son's days and nights.  To my surprise, people began noticing my photos and soon I was behind the camera for family and friends.  From there, with the support of many, I grew this little business of mine. 

After a few years filled with a ton of learning, some personal accomplishments and of course some bumps and bruises along the way, I am here….still learning and evolving as a photographer. The learning will never be complete and I will never be a perfect artist or the perfect photographer because, in my opinion, perfect doesn't exist.  It is the imperfect I embrace...that is what sets everyone apart.  But it is my goal to make authentic, honest and artistic images for myself and for my clients.  I want to create photos and films that move you and make you able to reconnect to the moments we document together.  Photography and film making inspire me, thrill me, challenge me and relax me all at the same time.  These are my craft, my passion and honestly, sometimes my therapy and sanity!  

My children, Ethan (6) and Emma (almost 3 - going on 16) are my little, but BIGGEST, sources of inspiration.  There is nothing I love more than documenting their daily lives.  Their honest emotions and sweet motions are what makes my heart sing.  There are times when they get sick of seeing my camera and both are sure to let me know.  However, there are also times where I find them looking at our printed images, paging through albums or even watching our family films...and they ask me to create more.  So I must be doing something right...right?!

I invite you to have a look around.  I would love to capture your family!

The lovely images on this page are creations of Megan Steen Photography, Winnipeg, MB.