My Most Favorite Gifts

Since I still am in disbelief about the age this birthday brings, I won't discuss right now.  Instead I will share with you images of my most favorite gifts ever bestowed upon me. 

I took the kids out on a warm October afternoon to try to get a holiday card know the one where you dress them to coordinate, bribe them with a treat if they do a good job and hope for the best?!  Of course you know that one!  Well I got more than I could have hoped for with the images from that day.  I let go of what I thought i "needed" to capture and allowed myself to make what I wanted to.  I came home to my computer, looked through the files and literally turned to my husband and told him, "This is the kind of stuff I want to do more of for my clients".  It felt like a turning point for me and I have started incorporate more artistic imagery into client sessions.  I hope you like what you see here!


Noelle Soroka