We Go Together - A Morning with Sweet Sisters

I was so happy to meet the G Family and be able to capture life in motion for them in the way of a family film.  The adorable twin baby girls are on the brink of two years old.  Both are SO sweet and curious, one is more of the "go-getter", the other a more reserved undeniable daddy's girl.  These sisters interacted so lovely together, showering each other (and their parents) with hugs, kisses and tickles.  

When speaking with mom in preparation for our session together, she stated that she and her husband most definitely wanted the girls to be the focus of the film... just being themselves, taking the family dog for walk in their neighborhood and playing at the park.  We had a jammed pack morning full of fun!  

In addition, I very happy that I was able to provide some documentary images of this stage of family life!  (scroll down to see)

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