An Afternoon with Rambler

While we were in Winnipeg a few weeks ago, my sister-in-law's friend, Diane, invited the kids to ride out and see her horse.  So Michele (my SIL), Emma and her cousins, Adam and Claudia spent an afternoon on the farm with 19 year old Rambler.  Approaching his golden years, Rambler is a sweet old boy who was so gentle with our crew.  The kids enjoyed brushing and riding Rambler.  Toward the end of the visit, we were able to feed Rambler some of his favorite treats...apples and carrots.  

I wasn’t anticipating taking a lot of images, but as soon as we arrived, I was happy I had my camera with me.  Unlike shooting in the city, this was something totally different for me…a new, yet super beautiful setting with different characters (the equine type!) and many unique details.  I loved documenting the afternoon using low light, shadows and silhouettes.  I used both my Nikon and Fuji cameras, in addition to my favorite 35mm and Lensbaby for these images.  My creative heart was aflutter and I could have stayed all day!

Thank you so much Diane and Rambler for a fun-filled afternoon!  Diane is an amazing owner to Rambler.  One can tell that she certainly loves her boy!  She also takes some treats for the aging horses who can't graze the fields anymore.  

P.S. - I never saw a horse roll until I met Rambler!  They really do roll!  🙂

Image heavy...however , in my opinion, the story is much better told in images as opposed to words.    



Noelle Soroka