Autumn: "a beautiful little girl who sees in colors that other seasons haven't seen"

In July, I was graced with the opportunity to shoot a session for Spectrum Inspired.  If you don't know what SI is, please check it out!  Given that working with children with autism is my other profession, I was very excited to be able to do this.  I was so moved when I read Autumn's application and her mother's words.  

Soroka_July 14-42.jpg

From Patricia (Autumn's mother):

"Autumn is our only child (unless you count the fur pup). She's five years old and was diagnosed with autism right after she turned two years old. The diagnosis wasn't surprising, if anything, it brought us relief. Ever since, we've been on a path at making sure Autumn has the best life and opportunities possible. She continues to thrive daily and accomplish tasks I didn't think that she could do at one time in her life. She's my inspiration and main reason for living. 

... I wanted to share the backstory on her name. My husband and I decided to wait to start a family and we always hoped to have a daughter. When I became pregnant, I just knew that I was having a girl. One night in February (about half-way through my pregnancy), we were watching a movie and the name Autumn was mentioned. During that moment, my husband and me looked at each other and knew that the name Autumn was meant for our little girl. It was more than just hearing the name in a movie. Autumn represents when we actually met and fell in love way back when. My husband figured that it would be the perfect name for our daughter; her name signifies the love that we have for each other. Autumn is a constant reminder of our true love. Plus, Autumn has always been my favorite season. Thus, we had a summer baby we named Autumn. A beautiful little girl who sees in colors that other seasons haven't seen. She's our everything."

Autism IS beautiful.  Autumn, her family and their incredible love are beautiful.  

I hope you enjoy these.

Noelle Soroka