For Lyla

This one is tough….REAL TOUGH…both this post and this woman. Please read.


Some of you may know Ali if you are local to our area.  If you don’t know her, she is an amazing woman who I had the chance to meet this summer.  

At age 40, Ali’s world was turned upside-down with the diagnosis of Stage IV colorectal cancer...a cancer that originated in her colon and spread to her liver and lung.  You can read all about her journey here .  Her words about her journey are much better than I could ever attempt to write.  

I first heard about Ali through a fundraiser that the amazing women at Little Hoboken organized for her family.  Ali’s story really resonated with me.  We are both the same age, with daughters the same age.  I wanted to do something so I donated a photography package to the fundraiser.  Ali actually ended up winning the package!  How awesome.  She contacted me and we quickly got to planning.  

Ali wanted to make a film documenting her family being together, especially for her sweet baby girl, Lyla.   “I just want some footage of our summer together so she has fun memories to look back on and remember’.  ❤️

Admittedly I was nervous about the session.  This was difficult work because it means so very much.  I wanted to do it justice.  Ali and her family were like old friends, so welcoming and easy going.  We spent the afternoon at their favorite place and captured them doing what they love to do.  Ali also told me that one of their favorite quotes is “All you need is faith, trust and pixie dust”.  Lyla loves fairies and their magic so I really wanted to capture the whimsical nature of childhood.  Fairies?  Pixie Dust?  I found a song called Neverland and it was perfectly fitting for the film.  
Anyway, this KICK ASS woman just got back from surfing the waves of Costa Rica.  She is RUNNING A RACE to raise money for her disease on October 21st.  You can learn more here:

Please consider donating to this important cause!  ❤️

In addition, Ali is planning a trip back to her native Australia to visit family and friends.  This warrior has no plans to give up on this battle of her life!  

Ali, I am humbled to know you.  Your strength and determination go beyond what I could ever imagine.  Keep up the fight.   

Jason, you are an incredible support to your wife and little girl.  One can see why both of them adore you.  

And Lyla, your mommy and daddy love you so very much.  This is for you sweet girl…


Noelle Soroka