"Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life"


This is where my heart it.  It all comes from a place of my own experience.  What are my most treasured images?  Well to be honest, I have very few posed images of my family that I consider favorites.  My cherished images are the ones that capture life's moments and the photographs of us interacting with each other.  I would much rather have images of my kids doing things that they truly love, interacting with each other, my family taking a walk and just spending time together.  I know that these are the images that speak to me, stir my heart and help me to remember stages of life.  I hope to create these kind of moments and memories for my clients.   I want to make the memory making photography experience enjoyable and uncomplicated for those I collaborate with.  What we make together is yours forever…to hang, to print, to gift, to love.


L I F E S T Y L E   P H O T O G R A P H Y   S E S S I O N F E E S  


Sessions typically yield 75 - 100 images. I do not provide RAW or any unedited files.

MATERNITY, NEWBORN, FAMILY, COUPLE - Sessions are priced at $850 (Weekday) and $950 (Weekend)

WEEKDAY MORNING NEWBORN SPECIAL (NJ ONLY) - $700, includes 20 digital image files, option to upgrade to all files after edits are viewed.

BUNDLE PRICING DISCOUNT is available if you are interested in two of the following:  Maternity/Fresh 48/Newborn Sessions. Please inquire so that we may discuss a package!

RETURNING CLIENT DISCOUNT - I am extremely grateful for returning clients and I am happy to offer a discount.  

BOOKING FEE of $250 is submitted with a signed agreement at booking in order to secure your session date.

*Travel fees may apply.


You may ask...what's the difference between a lifestyle session and a documentary session?

During lifestyle sessions, we work together with the natural environment to create lightly posed images.  I will survey your home or the environment in which we are shooting and may suggest that you move into spaces with certain types of light to create images.  I will gently coach you on how to interact.  There will be very few  "okay everyone look at the camera" shots.  The majority of the images will be made to help you remember where you were, who you were with, what you were doing and the connection and details that made the time together special.  

At documentary sessions, I will not direct at all.  Think of me as a fly on the wall....with my camera of course.  I will be an observer, documenting whatever it is that your day brings.  It will be me capturing you and your people doing what you do!  Using the environment and available light to make creative, meaningful images of your time together is what I will strive to do.   If the baby laughs, I click.  If the baby cries, I click.   If the kids play, I click.  If the kids fight, I click.   If your tween is on his cell phone, I click.  If you, as a couple hug + kiss, I click.  The goal is for you to be able to reconnect to a typical day/stage of your lives.  This amazing session is for those who dig raw, real imagery.  

D O C U M E N T A R Y   S E S S I O N S - please inquire for Documentary Session rates


F I L M S - click here for more information


P R O D U C T S - Prints, canvas, album pricing also available upon request.   All tangible products are subject to NJ Sales Tax (6.625%)



Pre-Session - We chat about a date that works for you + me.  You review and sign an electronic agreement and submit the session fee.  Please note this fee goes toward the total cost of the session.  This fee is non-refundable; however, if you need to change the date of your photography or film session we can most definitely work that out.We will communicate specifics about location and time or any other questions you may have.

Session - Your photography session or film session takes place!   

Delivery - After the session, you will view your edits (please allow 2-3 weeks, but I will be sure to send some sneak previews).  You will decide which collection you would like.  Once everything looks good in your online gallery and you have decided on your collection and submitted payment,  I will deliver your photo/film via digital download.  

Proud to offer Little Hoboken Hook-Up members a discount. Please inquire.

Proud to offer Little Hoboken Hook-Up members a discount. Please inquire.

Kindly contact me at noellesorokaphotography@gmail.com